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First Month With Shade 45 Intern Alex

Alex D

Interning with Shade 45 for the last four weeks has been great. I have learned quite a lot and continue to learn more each and every day. I’m learning how to use Prophet, how to insert and edit audio to go into Prophet while also becoming acquainted with Music Master and Social media is a [...]

First Week With Urban Programming Malik


My first week at SiriusXM has been great. I love the atmosphere. Although we’re in an office, it doesn’t really FEEL like an office. It’s more youthful than an office.  All of the employees are very friendly and many of them are younger. The fact that SiriusXM hires their interns and that I SEE them [...]

Life As A Urban Programming Intern

What can I say about my time as a SiriusXM so far ?? How about…WOW!!!??  First off, I think SiriusXM is redefining what it means to be an intern.  While there are some tasks that aren’t that exciting, the opportunity to contribute ideas to what actually goes on-air and learn from seasoned vets in the [...]