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Final Thoughts With Joe Madison Intern Carissa


I can’t believe my internship with The Joe Madison Show on SiriusXM Urban View has come to a close! Being here made the summer go by so fast. I’ve learned so much in my time working with the staff and I was very fortunate to get to be an intern with them because they were all really [...]

Learning Outside the Classroom With OutQ News Intern Tatiana

Tatiana Journal 2

I can’t believe the summer is already more than halfway over.  As stated previously, this internship experience has been a blast.  My writing and on-air delivery skills have improved even more than I thought they had when I wrote my first journal entry.  It has been great working with Xorje and, I’m already dreading my [...]

Discovering SiriusXM With Executive Programming Intern Mary

Mary Jiminez

I ran into Robin Thicke on a Monday and saw Tina Fey on a Thursday. Needless to say, the past two months interning at SiriusXM have been nothing short of amazing. My mentor, Connie, works as the admin for the talk and sports programming departments. When I say she always has her hands dipped in [...]

Midway Point With Black Eagle Intern Kimani


Being an intern at SiriusXM has been the most hands-on experience I have had from an internship so far.  I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Madison at The Black Eagle, and his staff has treated me like an employee instead of an intern. The team will let you know when something has [...]

Jumping In With Ron & Fez Intern Shelby


My first month interning for SiriusXM has sure been an exciting one. Going into it, I had some ideas of what I would be doing for The Ron & Fez Show on the Opie & Anthony channel but I didn’t know just how much went on behind the scenes of a popular talk show. Going on [...]

Jumping In With Schein on Sports Intern Steve

Steven Macri

During my past year of school, several of my fellow classmates had the opportunity to intern at SiriusXM. Every day my friends would tell me about their great experiences and the knowledge they gained from their internships. I also had the opportunity to take a class taught by a SiriusXM executive, and he explained to [...]

Learning Fast With OutQ Intern Tatiana

Tatiana Flowers

I’ve been a talk programming intern with OutQ News for four weeks.  The channel airs lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender programming all day, every day. First, I have to acknowledge that this internship wouldn’t be what it is without my wonderful mentor, Xorje.  He’s taught me so much about writing, broadcasting, and life in general. [...]

First Month With OutQ Intern Ashley

Ashley OutQ

These past weeks interning on The Derek and Romaine Show on OutQ Radio have been such an incredible experience. I’ve learned so much in such a short time. When I first interviewed with Katie, head producer of the show, she made it clear that this isn’t be the type of internship where you’ll just be getting [...]

Learning Fast With OutQ Intern Michelle

Michelle OutQ

I’m interning with The Derek and Romaine Show on OutQ Radio. When I first started, I was really nervous. But once the first day was over and I realized how friendly and welcoming everyone at OutQ and all of SiriusXM is, I knew this internship was going to be a great experience. Even in just [...]

Exploring SiriusXM With PR Intern Raquel


I didn’t really know what I signed up for when I accepted SiriusXM’s offer to be a public relations intern. In my head, I imagined staying in an office all day writing press releases about mundane topics and hoping it would create some buzz on the newswire. In reality, my experience has been much more [...]