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Mingling With the Stars With Talent Relations Intern Jonathan

Jonathon Cohen

I have just completed my fourth week of interning at SiriusXM and I already know that this has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. As an intern in the talent relations department, I have assisted in the booking and accommodation of celebrity guests that come to do interviews, which adds new [...]

First Month With Talent Relations Intern Lauren


This semester I am interning in the Talent Relations department. This department is responsible for booking the celebrity guests that do the interviews and Town Hall events for the stations on SiriusXM. This is also my second internship at SiriusXM. Last semester, I had the opportunity to intern in the sports programming department for the [...]

Running around with Talent Relations Intern Megan


This semester I am interning in the Talent Relations department at SiriusXM Radio. The department I work for is responsible for booking the guests that come do interviews for the stations. My role as an intern is to greet the guests and escort them to the studios that are holding their interviews. Before beginning my [...]

Mixing It Up With Production Intern Martin


I am really enjoying my internship so far at SiriusXM Radio. I am learning a lot about the work environment, ingesting and organizing metadata, host liner tracking, and basic audio editing in Dalet. There have been a few celebrities who have stopped by since I’ve started my internship, which was pretty exciting. Two members of [...]

Running Around with PR Intern Nicole


These first few weeks at SiriusXM have been surreal, coming to orientation the first day I was a little nervous but was soon comforted by the welcoming employees at the office.  I have been a listener of SiriusXM for years, and hoped that one day I’d soon be lucky enough to intern for them.  This [...]

First Half with Talent & Industry Relations Intern Kayle

As I walked up the stairs from the 36th to the 37th floor at the SiriusXM office I was extremely nervous. I came in knowing none of the other interns, and was not sure what I was about to embark on. Regardless, I was still very excited. A few weeks before the internship began I [...]

The Life of a Talent & Industry Relations with Intern Jacob

With the first two weeks at SiriusXM complete, I have already fallen in love with the Company, and  have potentially figured out what I want to do here.  It turns out that I am in the Talent Affairs division, not the marketing division, which is a huge plus.  My job is to deal with the [...]

Final Thoughts With Music Programming Intern Nicole

First let me just say, I am so grateful. A lot has been learned this semester here at SiriusXM. Everything from Programming to on-air delivery to management to talent relations to production. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around all of the invaluable information I’ll be able to take with me and the [...]

Midway Point with Talent Relations intern Jessica

It is unbelievable how much I have learned just in this past month.  One would assume my favorite part of my internship here at SiriusXM would be meeting all the celebrities (being in the Talent Affairs Department) but it is about all the people I work with.  My managers each take time out to teach [...]

First Week With Talent and Industry Relations Intern Jessica

My first week at SiriusXM was extremely exciting.  There are always people around, autographed walls, and different pictures hanging up. Being in the Talent and Industry Relations Department is, in my opinion, one of the best internships one can have.  You get to meet the guests that walk in for interviews and interact with them one-on-one.  We also [...]