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Final Thoughts with Music Production Intern Alex

As my internship is winding down for the next couple of days, I find myself quite sad that one of the best Summers I have had is coming to an end as well.  I had such a great experience being at SiriusXM this Summer, and have learned a plethora of things while under the supervision [...]

Life as a Music Marketing Intern with Lindsay

Since my first week at SiriusXM, things have only gotten better. Over the past month, I have been able to attend more meetings, conference calls, and events. I worked at the SiriusXM Fantasy Football Event as well as help out at Grouplove at Webster Hall which was SUCH a blast. Getting the experience with field [...]

Final Thoughts with Music Programming Intern Genesis

Hola Amigos! Wow the time has seriously flown by! I cannot believe we’ve been interning now for about 10 weeks, where did the time go!? So sad but the experience overall has been A M A Z I N G. It’s been a lot easier to adjust to all the programs we use and the [...]

First Three Weeks with Talk Programming Intern Grace

Now that a few weeks here at SiriusXM have past, I am still as excited to come in everyday as I was that first week.  As I started my first week, as I’m sure many of the other interns did, I walked in that first day not knowing what to expect, nervous and excited about [...]

“For Credit Only” Intern Radio Show – Episode 1

Check out episode 1 of “For Credit Only” starring Ross (the Boss) and the Summer 2012 interns !  We talk about their experience thus far, new (and old) music, current events, and what their plans are for the Fourth of July. (Recorded on July 3, 2012)    

First Half with Finance Intern Sophia

I can’t believe that I have finished almost half of my internship in the Finance department of SiriusXM Radio. This experience is invaluable and totally different from what I have ever experienced. I still remember on the first day, Kristen, one of my supervisors, told me to tell her if I ever get bored on [...]

First Week with Music Programming Intern Genesis

Hola amigos, que tal…. hey guys, what’s up? I’m Genesis, Intern for the Latin Programming Department at Sirius XM, DC! As any other person, the first week at a new job, internship, or school can be nerve wrecking! You never know what to expect, what kind of environment you’re walking into, and what kind of [...]

First Week with Sports Programming Intern Tyler

When I was getting ready to start at SiriusXM in early June, the best way to describe how I felt was excited! I was ready to learn all about the Company, make connections with my supervisors, and meet my fellow interns. So far, the internship has completely lived up to my expectations. Thankfully on my [...]

First Week in Ross (the Boss)’s Overhead – The Mystery of the Honey Jar

On the first week of  ”In Ross (the Boss)’s Overhead”, we have the mystery of the honey jar.  Now, this story is no ordinary tale. It appears that this mysterious honey jar was brought to Ross (the Boss) by aliens from outer space. The aliens feel that honey that defies gravity has a lighter, sweeter [...]