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Social Media, Intern Programs, Blogging, Oh My!

The search is on for my Spring 2012 intern.  While my role is classified under Human Resources, this intern will be working on projects that are pretty unique.  As you know (because you’re reading it) we have an intern blog so I need my intern to assist with content creation and editorial tasks associated with [...]

Intern Powers Unite!

Well, today was Fendi’s last day. That leaves Ross (the Boss) with no interns and a intern lair void of any conversation (unless you count him talking to himself). No more Harry Potter, Lady Gaga, or cat talk. If you listen carefully, you can hear a pin drop…(insert None More Black blasting)..Ok, maybe not. Why [...]

Intern Dan On Why You Should Intern For “The Loft”

SiriusXM is still recruiting for the Summer 2011 session and “The Loft” internship in DC is still available! It made us wonder, “How can we tell students how awesome this internship is?” The answer – Intern Dan.

Scan Me!

A world of mystery awaits you with a simple scan of this image. Ok…you got me. It’s about our internship…but it’s still pretty cool information!!

What The Heck Is “Intern, Editorial & Audio Production”?

You know, I’m glad you asked.  This is a pretty unique internship.  Dare I say, one you may not find anywhere else.  What will this intern do?  Well, let me tell you: 1.  Manage and create content for the SiriusXM intern website/blog This very blog you’re reading could have new, original, and (hopefully) entertaining content [...]