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Exploring SiriusXM With PR Intern Raquel


I didn’t really know what I signed up for when I accepted SiriusXM’s offer to be a public relations intern. In my head, I imagined staying in an office all day writing press releases about mundane topics and hoping it would create some buzz on the newswire. In reality, my experience has been much more [...]

Starting Out With Latin PR Intern Jennifer

Jennifer Pallicer

This past month in Latin PR has been busy. Latin artists have been visiting almost every day, and every single one of them is enthusiastic and fascinating. Just from listening to their interviews, I was able to get an understanding of their passion for music. Their backgrounds and childhood stories have made my time at [...]

Final Moments With Latin Public Relations Intern Josephine

Josephine Liz_Final Pic

With only two weeks left of the spring semester, I am not looking forward to leaving the SiriusXM team in May.  I am going to miss everyone here in the office: my mentors, the staff, outside photographers and all my fellow interns.  I can honestly say that I have learned so much from everyone that [...]

Half Way Though With Latin Public Relations Intern Josephine

josephine liz

¿Dónde se ha ido el tiempo? Where has the time gone?  It’s been almost a month since my last journal entry and my work load at SiriusXM has definitely increased since then.  I feel like in the last month I have proven myself as a responsible and liable worker to the SiriusXM public relations team. [...]

Midway Point With Talk Radio Public Relations Intern Becky

Intern Becky

I have enjoyed this wild ride of being a SiriusXM talk radio intern. When I first started I was extremely intimidated by being in the McGraw Hill buildings being just a young intern but my mentor Hillary really made me feel right at home. The crazy day of being a PR intern was something she [...]

First Month with Public Relations Intern Bianca


As a Public Relations Intern at SiriusXM this past month I have been involved in many valuable experiences.  My supervisor, Samantha, is a great mentor and coach who has already taught me so much about the field.  My responsibilities include creating press clips by researching the web to find any mention of SiriusXM and assisting [...]

First Month With Latin Public Relations Department Intern Josephine


I have been interning for SiriusXM’s Latin Public Relations (PR) department for the last four weeks and have been having an amazing time. Everyone at SiriusXM is so nice and I am in awe of the diversity in the office and how well everyone works together.  Coming into the office three times a week as [...]

Running Around with PR Intern Nicole


These first few weeks at SiriusXM have been surreal, coming to orientation the first day I was a little nervous but was soon comforted by the welcoming employees at the office.  I have been a listener of SiriusXM for years, and hoped that one day I’d soon be lucky enough to intern for them.  This [...]

Second Half with Public Relations Intern Katie

I can’t believe I am about to embark on my third month as a SiriusXM intern.  It still feels like summer just began!  Working in Public Relations has continued to be an exciting and challenging learning experience for me. One of the greatest things about my internship is that no two days are the same.  [...]

First Week with Public Relations Intern Carolina

As I made my way to SiriusXM on my first day, I was nervous, excited, and eager to start my dream internship. As I waited for my mentor in the lobby, I could instantly tell this was a place I was going to love. Just by waiting a few minutes, I could see that it [...]