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Pulling Strings With Katie on “The Highway”


Interning with SiriusXM’s The Highway has already been a whirlwind adventure. Right from the start, I was put in to the action! With the holiday season coming up, we are all busy preparing for our Country Christmas Channel to launch and take a temporary home on Prime Country! Preparing for this means having artists come [...]

Riding Shotgun With NASCAR Radio Intern Austin


I am not what you would call a “cool customer” all the time.  The anticipation of a moment can trigger anxiety for me quite easily, usually bring on a feeling of immense dread.  As I woke up around 9 am on the Friday September 14th and began getting ready for my first day at SiriusXM [...]

Tuning In With Kids Programming Intern Courtney


As an intern you grow accustomed to getting asked the following questions: Will you reorganize this filing cabinet? Can you input this data into a spreadsheet? Will you make a fresh pot of coffee?  However, never have I been asked, “So tomorrow do you mind dressing up as a pirate…” until I started at SiriusXM’s [...]

First Week with Music Production Intern Michael W.

My first week at SiriusXM was a great experience.  I worked all week with the production team helping them prepare for the Tonys coverage on the broadway channel, finding, editing, and producing audio clips that have/will be aired on the radio, and learning about how the production team works at SiriusXM. My supervisor, Tom, is [...]

“For Credit Only” Intern Radio Show – Episode 1

Check out episode 1 of “For Credit Only” starring Ross (the Boss) and the Summer 2012 interns !  We talk about their experience thus far, new (and old) music, current events, and what their plans are for the Fourth of July. (Recorded on July 3, 2012)    

First Week with Music Production Intern Corey

On my first day of my internship here at SiriusXM, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. When I arrived I realized that all of the employees around me seemed generally happy to be here. My supervisor, Tom, gave me the grand tour and introduced me to a few friendly faces. Since [...]

[AUDIO] Sports Programming Intern Daniel Voices A F1 Promo

Sports Programming intern Daniel recently voiced a F1 promo that got aired on our network.  Don’t believe me?  Well, here’s it is: [audio:|artists=Intern Daniel|titles=F1 Promo] Told you so.  Great job, Daniel!

First Week with Music Production Intern Alex

My first week has already been extremely fun.  The other interns seem to be a really cool group of people and I am glad we are starting to get to know each other.  My first assignment was pretty simple overall which was just cutting voice tracks for Bluegrass Junction.  I really enjoy doing any type [...]

Final Thoughts With Music Programming Intern Nicole

First let me just say, I am so grateful. A lot has been learned this semester here at SiriusXM. Everything from Programming to on-air delivery to management to talent relations to production. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around all of the invaluable information I’ll be able to take with me and the [...]

Midway Point with Music Production Intern Domonique

I’m really enjoying my time at SiriusXM! The past month has really went by fast. I know it sounds cliché, but its the truth! I’ve met more of the production team and they’re all really cool and down to earth. I’ve been introduced to bluegrass music, which is very interesting to say the least. I [...]