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First Month With Moving the Chains Intern Edward

Edward Murphy

I only had a few days left at school in Boston when I got the call that I would be interning for SiriusXM’s NFL Radio on the show Moving the Chains. I think my friends hated me because I was running around high-fiving them and bragging about it. It was definitely a huge relief to [...]

Jumping In With Broadcast Engineer Intern Chealsea


After spending the past year studying in Valencia, Spain, where aside from working to complete my Masters degree, life revolved around siestas and festivals, it has been such a joy to return to the fast-paced lifestyle of NYC. Interning as a broadcast engineer at SiriusXM has allowed me to take advantage of skills that I’ve gained through different experiences and [...]

First Month With EDM Intern Sara


My first month with SiriusXM has been unbelievable!  It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m actually here!  I applied because I have a passion for music and radio, and this job could not combine the two more perfectly.  At first I wasn’t sure I’d be able to join because of a school credit [...]

Final Moments With Sports Marketing Intern Jason


It is a shock that the internship is in its last few weeks. It seems like I started yesterday, but with a lot of work completed. This internship has greatly changed my perspective of working in the sports industry, for the better. There was never a day I came in thinking it was going to [...]

Final Moments With Interactive Intern Mark

Mark Hulser 2

I can’t believe that it is pretty much over. My time here at SiriusXM, is just about over and boy did time fly. It really felt as if I was going to be here forever, due to the fact I felt just like a regular employee. I did not see myself as an intern while [...]

Final Moments With The Catholic Channel Intern Beth-Anne

Beth-Anne Waytowich

This last month has been very busy. The host of the show, Father Dave, along with the assistant producer, Brett, were in Rome for two weeks for the Papal Conclave. When Fr. Dave returned, Brett was on vacation for 2 weeks. When Brett returned our executive producer, Robyn Gould, left that Friday. It was a very intense [...]

Final Moments With Music Programming Intern Lauren

Lauren Horneck

I can’t believe I have entered the final weeks of my internship. The time has just seemed to have flown by so fast! The amount of things I have learned this semester have been unbelievable! Building on my skills from last time, I’ve learned how to run a board during Cousin Brucie’s show, load voice [...]

Final Moments With BPM Intern Lucy

Lucy Florez

Things have only gotten better as I’ve spent more time at SiriusXM. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many cool artists and to bond with my bosses and the other interns. I’m in love with my job here and it has made me appreciate music so much more than I had before. To be [...]

Final Moments With Latin Public Relations Intern Josephine

Josephine Liz_Final Pic

With only two weeks left of the spring semester, I am not looking forward to leaving the SiriusXM team in May.  I am going to miss everyone here in the office: my mentors, the staff, outside photographers and all my fellow interns.  I can honestly say that I have learned so much from everyone that [...]

Final Moments With SiriusXM Electro Intern Evan


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been assigned to create what we call a “third party playlist” for all of the sets we broadcasted on UMF Radio. This has been a long and tedious task and both my bosses understand this when they assigned it to me. They also knew that this is [...]