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Halfway Through With EDM Intern Sara

Sara Holland

My time at SiriusXM has been such a learning experience, not just about what goes on here but about myself!  I’ve learned how music programming works, I’ve learned to love the genre of music I work in, and I’ve learned that this is absolutely what I want to do after I graduate.  I didn’t expect [...]

Diving In With BPM Intern Alisha

Alisha Harvey

I am currently halfway into my second month with BPM and Electric Area, and I can gladly say things are going great. A lot has occurred since my last entry. I’ve adjusted more into music programming and have become more familiar with doing more data entry and logging information for channels. For the past month, I have been able to work [...]

Halfway Through With Music Marketing Intern Josh

Joshua Upfal

It is hard to believe that two months have already gone by at my internship at SiriusXM.  So far my experience has been very beneficial and meaningful.  I am learning important lessons about the music industry that I otherwise would not have had the chance to learn.  Working in the music marketing department has given [...]

Discovering SiriusXM With Executive Programming Intern Mary

Mary Jiminez

I ran into Robin Thicke on a Monday and saw Tina Fey on a Thursday. Needless to say, the past two months interning at SiriusXM have been nothing short of amazing. My mentor, Connie, works as the admin for the talk and sports programming departments. When I say she always has her hands dipped in [...]

Halfway Through With Music Programming Intern Andrew

Andrew E

These past two months interning here at SiriusXM have nearly gone in a blink of an eye. It’s amazing how time does fly. I first came into this internship not knowing what exactly to expect, given that I had no previous internship experience. I initially felt that the internship could be overwhelming and that my [...]

Halfway Through With Music Programming Intern Cara

Cara Schillen

I can’t believe how fast my time at SiriusXM is going! In the last two months I’ve grown so much in my music programming capabilities, and it is absolutely due to everyone I work with, especially my mentor, Kory. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of interning here is how friendly and relaxed everyone is [...]

Exploring SiriusXM With Music Programming Intern Tori

Tori Kerr

Between interning on The Village, Krishna Das Yoga Radio, The Pulse, ’90s On 9 and Pop2K, there hasn’t been a single boring day during my time here! Interning for several channels has allowed me to experience different aspects of music at SiriusXM. Each channel has a unique style of editing, programming, and production designed to [...]

Midway Point With Shade 45 Intern Alex

Alex D

The past two months of interning at Shade 45 have been phenomenal. I have continued to learn so much. I have become better with Prophet, MusicMaster, and Adobe Audition while also gaining more experience in studio, helping out with The All Out Show. I enjoy being able to work in the same office as the [...]

Midway Point With Country Intern Joanna


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interning at SiriusXM this summer. Over the past few months, I’ve been able to work with two supervisors for three different stations: The Highway, The Message and Prime Country. As an intern, I have been a part of the team since day one. I sit in on corporate meetings, edit audio footage [...]

Midway Point With Faction Intern Sean

Sean Faction 2

I can’t believe as I am writing this that my time here at Faction is already half over!  I still feel like I have so much more to learn and absorb from this experience. Last week, I began learning the pre-show setup including the audio board, headphones and cables for the studio, and how to [...]