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Midway Point with Music Programming Intern Sarah

After my first month at SiriusXM, I feel like I’ve fallen into a good routine. I know what I’m supposed to be doing every day, but there are still fun surprises that keep things from getting dull. One day, my mentor assigned me to ingest a bunch of Elvis Costello imports and rarities that he [...]

Aircheck with Music Programming Ops Intern Janae

About a month ago, after our supervisor Kory taught us how to record voice tracks and operate the boards, he presented us with a project that would allow us to express our creativity and musical tastes while also practicing the skills we had learned throughout the lesson. The task? To record a hour-long radio segment [...]

Intern Trey Voices Sports Schedule Promo

With the guidance and input of his mentors, Sports Programming intern Trey recently voiced two production pieces that actually aired on SiriusXM! Yes, that’s right – meaningful work. ┬áIt’s what we believe in here at SiriusXM. Intern Trey Voices Sports Schedule Intern Trey Voices Sports Schedule

Happy Birfday Intern Ben!

Today was Music Programming intern Ben’s birfday. I thought it would be nice to get him something: It should also be noted that Ben is featured on the intern “For Credit Only” Rap “For Credit Only” Rap.