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Final Thoughts with Book Radio Intern Emily

My last full week at the internship was very exciting because I interviewed another author and got more on-air time. I really took to heart the feedback my mentors gave me after my first interview and thought I totally nailed this one. The subject was Rainbow Rowell – yes, that’s her actual name – and [...]

Intern Dan On Why You Should Intern For “The Loft”

SiriusXM is still recruiting for the Summer 2011 session and “The Loft” internship in DC is still available! It made us wonder, “How can we tell students how awesome this internship is?” The answer – Intern Dan.

Happy Birfday Intern Ben!

Today was Music Programming intern Ben’s birfday. I thought it would be nice to get him something: It should also be noted that Ben is featured on the intern “For Credit Only” Rap “For Credit Only” Rap.