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Life As A Promotional Marketing Intern With Rachel


The first time I entered headquarters was the day of my orientation. I’ve never worked in a building as big and grand as the McGraw Hill building so just walking through those doors was an overwhelming experience in itself. So much happened during my first week at SiriusXM. The highlight definitely has to be meeting [...]

First Half with Finance Intern Sophia

I can’t believe that I have finished almost half of my internship in the Finance department of SiriusXM Radio. This experience is invaluable and totally different from what I have ever experienced. I still remember on the first day, Kristen, one of my supervisors, told me to tell her if I ever get bored on [...]

First Week with Talk Programming Intern Anna

I started my internship for Ron and Fez a little early this semester because I was making the transition from the Spring to Summer internships. Last semester I interned for Music Programming and really got a lot out of the whole experience! I wanted to learn as much as I could about Talk Programming as [...]

First Week with Music Programming Intern Allie

I have been interning at SiriusXM for about two full weeks now, and have finally fallen into a routine. The challenges of my first couple of days made the internship seem intimidating at first, but I have a great mentor who is always there to help. Tasks that sounded frightening on my first day, such [...]

[AUDIO] Sports Programming Intern Daniel Voices A F1 Promo

Sports Programming intern Daniel recently voiced a F1 promo that got aired on our network.  Don’t believe me?  Well, here’s it is: [audio:|artists=Intern Daniel|titles=F1 Promo] Told you so.  Great job, Daniel!

Final Thoughts With Music Programming Intern Nicole

First let me just say, I am so grateful. A lot has been learned this semester here at SiriusXM. Everything from Programming to on-air delivery to management to talent relations to production. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around all of the invaluable information I’ll be able to take with me and the [...]

Final Thoughts with Talk and Entertainment Programming Intern Peter

My time as a SiriusXM intern is down to its last week and a half. Over the past month I have continued my daily tasks for the Stand Up! with Pete Dominick show. I have been writing jokes, topical questions, show segments, reading listener emails, answering listener calls, and generally being a part of the [...]

Midway Point with Music Production Intern Domonique

I’m really enjoying my time at SiriusXM! The past month has really went by fast. I know it sounds cliché, but its the truth! I’ve met more of the production team and they’re all really cool and down to earth. I’ve been introduced to bluegrass music, which is very interesting to say the least. I [...]

Midway Point with Finance Intern Alex

Hello from the Finance Department again!   We are in the midst of a huge rush of work since one of my bosses is out for the next three weeks.  It has been quite a challenge filling the gaps but we seem to have finally gotten a handle on things.  Other than that all is [...]

Midway Point with Sports Programming Intern Matthew

At this point in my internship at NFL Radio, I feel extremely comfortable with all of my responsibilities and interactions with others.  It’s always tricky when starting out an internship to take in all the necessary information that you will need to succeed, but you have to stay patient and focused. When I began, I [...]