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First Week With Music Programming Intern Katie

My first week at SiriusXM flew by – I can’t believe how nervous I was! Heading into the internship, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. However, after a few cups of coffee and settling down, I realized that everything was going to be great. I am happy to say that I’ve received hands-on experience right [...]

Music Programming Intern Karen’s Permanent Record

What is your major? Media Communications, I’m an all media Momma What is your favorite drink? Summer drink, Would have to be, Mango Lemonade. I just love it. What is one thing on your bucket list? ummm, Zip-lining Describe your music tastes: My music taste would be close to a all you can eat buffet, [...]

Stay Ahead of the Game with These Intern Tips

As a college student, time seems to pass by faster than ever, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by how much work you have to do and how little time you have on your hands. Now not only is a bachelors degree the norm, but employees except future applicants to have at least one internship to be competitive. Sometimes adding an internship on [...]

Interactive Marketing Intern Vanessa’s Permanent Record

1. What is your favorite feature of the SiriusXM office? In the Interactive Marketing department we have a white board keeping track of a candy bar taste contest.  Also I get to see my favorite artist, Tom Petty, every time I go to the vending machine. 2. What is your favorite experience at SiriusXM thus [...]

Howard Stern Intern Jason’s Permanent Record

1. What is your top song at the moment? LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem. 2. What is one thing on your bucket list? Skydive naked without a doubt. Blissful Freedom?? 3. What is your favorite experience at SiriusXM thus far? So far my favorite experience might have to be when Andrea Ownbey came in and while [...]

Sports Programming Intern Nazanin’s Permanent Record

Nazanin U. Mass Sport Management Major Sport Programming Intern DC 1.What is your major? Sport Management Major with a Psychology Minor 2. What is your top song at the moment? Sure Thing- Miguel 3.  The best album you ever bought? Tie between food&liquor -lupe fiasco and God’s Son -Nas 4. If you could be any [...]

Making the most of NYC & DC on the 4th!

New York City 1. Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks in New York City Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks display is the largest in the United States and each year they deliver a truly spectacular display of fireworks. The fireworks are launched from six barges in the New York Harbor and are visible from throughout the [...]

P.O.T.U.S Stand Up! Intern Melanie’s Permanent Record

Melanie P.O.T.U.S. Stand Up! Intern with Pete Dominick Senior Business Marketing Major/Communication Minor   1.   What is your favorite drink? Starbucks skim cafe latte;   it gets me through the day 2.    If you could live anywhere in the country where would you live? Right here in New York City!  The skyline, lights, [...]

CRM Intern Henry’s Permanent Record

Henry Customer Relationship Marketing Intern Junior University of Pennsylvania Communications and Mathematics Major   1. What is your favorite drink? Diet Dr. Pepper. I’ve been managing to gulp down the diet pepsi at the office, but soon I’ll have to start bringing in my own personal stash. 2.What is your favorite book of all time? [...]

The Frank Decaro Show Intern Sean’s Permanent Record

Sean Intern for ‘The Frank Decaro Show’ on OutQ Graduate Student UMASS Amherst Continuing Education Program   1. What is your favorite condiment? This one’s easy: Sour Cream. I grew up in California, where Mexican food is king. The way I see it, if you can put sour cream on something and it tastes good, [...]