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“For Credit Only” Intern Radio Show – Episode 1

Check out episode 1 of “For Credit Only” starring Ross (the Boss) and the Summer 2012 interns !  We talk about their experience thus far, new (and old) music, current events, and what their plans are for the Fourth of July. (Recorded on July 3, 2012)    

Final Thoughts with Doctor Radio Intern Annette

During the first week of April, with the internship drawing to a close, I took stock of  how much I had achieved of what I’d set out to achieve at the beginning. I noted that by and large, I was on track with my objectives but perhaps needed to do more research for shows. I [...]

Final Thoughts with Music Programming Intern Alexa

Wow.  What can I say?  I can’t believe how fast this semester went and how much I’ve learned.  I don’t care what anyone says – the only way to really understand this business is to be in it!  College teaches you a lot but it’s a lot of in-theory information, and a lot of basic [...]

Final Thoughts with Sports Programming Intern Matthew

My appreciation for radio stems from multiple experiences of my own upbringing. Long car rides subjected me to seemingly endless hours of National Public Radio, and exposure to jazz, blues, rock & roll and more. My initial rejection of this sort of radio programming eventually contributed to my changing of the dial to the AM [...]

Final Thoughts with Customer Relationship Marketing Intern Jennifer

The internship program at SiriusXM has definitely been an eye-opening one for me. It has given me great exposure to direct marketing, and has helped me get a better sense of the direction I want to take in the field. Although the internship program was only about four months long, it has been an incredible [...]

Midway Point with Music Programming Intern Luke

In my previous blog entry, I said that I expected March to be a massive learning experience. With April looming on the horizon, I look back and see that I was 100% correct. During this past month I learned a very important lesson about the Music Programming Department. I learned that no matter how much [...]

Midway Point with POTUS Intern Peter

With another month gone at my SiriusXM internship, I can’t believe how fast the time is flying! Since I wrote my last journal entry it seems that so much has happened and I have been able to learn so much about the political issues of the day.  I love rolling with the punches and problem [...]

Stay Ahead of the Game with These Intern Tips

As a college student, time seems to pass by faster than ever, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by how much work you have to do and how little time you have on your hands. Now not only is a bachelors degree the norm, but employees except future applicants to have at least one internship to be competitive. Sometimes adding an internship on [...]

Making the most of NYC & DC on the 4th!

New York City 1. Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks in New York City Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks display is the largest in the United States and each year they deliver a truly spectacular display of fireworks. The fireworks are launched from six barges in the New York Harbor and are visible from throughout the [...]

Making the Most of your Summer Internship

Set Personal Goals: Spend some time before your internship going over your job description. What will you be doing? What would you like to do? Setting personal goals for the summer will help you feel more accomplished once the internship is over. Maybe it’s deciding on what area within HR that you want to specialize, or [...]