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Final Thoughts With Mad Dog Radio Intern Brett

Brett Johnson

With the completion of my internship this past week, I finished yet another tremendous summer at SiriusXM. As a college student, I cannot begin to describe how much this experience has accelerated my professional and academic goals. I learned countless lessons; tools that I will be able to bring back to Penn State for my [...]

Second Time’s the Charm for ’80s on 8 Intern Sean

Sean 80s on 8

This is my second internship with SiriusXM in the music programming department, and I am so glad I chose to come back. I have worked with so many great people on multiple channels beyond my role at ’80s on 8. This job isn’t like the stereotypical internships you hear about. While interning at SiriusXM, I [...]

Second Time Around With OutQ Intern Lindsay

Lindsay Meyer

This summer, I’m happy to say I’m back at SiriusXM for a second summer. Last summer I worked on the 19th floor as a music marketing intern, and this summer I’m interning on The Michelangelo Signorile Show on OutQ. Both experiences have been so different and amazing in their own ways. Since this is my [...]

First Half with Talk Programming Intern for “The Just Jenny Show” Heather G.

I couldn’t wait to start my first week with Talk Programming when I got to my second summer Internship with SiriusXM. I was fortunate enough to have interned with the Music Programming Department last summer and could not wait to come back! Learning the ways of Talk programming has been so interesting to me , [...]

Intern Wall O’ Fame

At SiriusXM Radio when celebrities, artists, actors, athletes, and/or politicians come in to our studios we have them sign our walls.  It’s like Company-endorsed graffiti.  It got me thinking – why not have our interns do the same thing? There is a method to the madness as explained in the video:  RED is for current [...]