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Final Thoughts With Joe Madison Intern Carissa


I can’t believe my internship with The Joe Madison Show on SiriusXM Urban View has come to a close! Being here made the summer go by so fast. I’ve learned so much in my time working with the staff and I was very fortunate to get to be an intern with them because they were all really [...]

Midway Point With Black Eagle Intern Kimani


Being an intern at SiriusXM has been the most hands-on experience I have had from an internship so far.  I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Madison at The Black Eagle, and his staff has treated me like an employee instead of an intern. The team will let you know when something has [...]

“For Credit Only” Intern Radio Show – Episode 1

Check out episode 1 of “For Credit Only” starring Ross (the Boss) and the Summer 2012 interns !  We talk about their experience thus far, new (and old) music, current events, and what their plans are for the Fourth of July. (Recorded on July 3, 2012)    

First Week with Listener Care Intern Brian E.

When I walked into the orientation session which marked the beginning of my first week as a SiriusXM intern I was excited, but would be lying if I didn’t say I was also a little nervous. This first day of orientation marked both the end of a month long vacation I had been enjoying since [...]

The Best of For Credit Only Commercials

We realize each weekly show is an hour long so if you’ve missed some shows you might have missed some GOLDEN commercial breaks created by interns. Here is the best selection of For Credit Only Summer 2011 commercial breaks complied for your convenience! Dino Commercial Break Fred Flintstone’s Answering Machine Inspector Gadget Best of For [...]

For Credit Only Episode 6!

Hillary talks on the couch about her brief run in with death, Sheboygan mayor likes to PARTAY,  and LA dad arrested for letting his 8 year old drive. Think your dog’s poop is worthless? Think again! It may win you a gold bar in Taiwan! Ross (the Boss) gives his advice on a successful job interview and [...]

For Credit Only Episode 5!

Hillary is back and with her…comes Harry Potter spells. Join the FCO crew and the DC interns for some hilarious odd news, catch up on your concert tours, and see what Ross (the Boss) has to say about perfecting your resume. Everything from manholes, cat clubs, and Harry Potter pick up lines are talked about in this [...]

For Credit Only Episode 4!

Charles and Ross (the Boss) take over the show while intern Hillary is on vacation covering everything from dead bodies to illegal lemonade stands. Book Radio  SiriusXM Channel 80 host Kim Alexander joins the For Credit Only Crew with her intern to talk about life as a Book Radio Host. For Credit Only – Episode Four [...]

Episode 3 of For Credit Only!

The newest episode of For Credit Only is out! Listen to the interns talk about odd news, concert tours, and a special edition of  ”What would you do?”. Hillary and Charles ask the question “What would you do if you caught Derrick Jeter’s 3000th ball”?  Newsroom Supervisor Jill stops by the show to talk about [...]

NEW EPISODE of For Credit Only!

Ross (the Boss) is in New York and the DC interns take over the For Credit Only show! The “Odd News” gets even odder, the concert tours get even hotter, and did we mention the commercial breaks are even funnier? Of course no show would be complete without Ross, so we called him up to give some [...]