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First Month With Digital Marketing Intern Yoora


I can’t believe it’s already been a month since the start of my internship here at SiriusXM. I remember the first few days when I was really nervous and overwhelmed by all the new information I had to soak up. However, as I got to learn alongside Gordon, my supervisor, interact with fellow interns, and [...]

Jumping In With Ron & Fez Intern Shelby


My first month interning for SiriusXM has sure been an exciting one. Going into it, I had some ideas of what I would be doing for The Ron & Fez Show on the Opie & Anthony channel but I didn’t know just how much went on behind the scenes of a popular talk show. Going on [...]

First Month With Sports Marketing Intern Luke

Luke L

My first three weeks interning in the sports marketing department have been interesting so far. I have had the opportunity to sit in on multiple meetings, done research on sports franchises and players, and learned how marketing contracts are formed.  I use Microsoft Office a lot, so it was good that I already knew how [...]

First Month With Shade 45 Intern Alex

Alex D

Interning with Shade 45 for the last four weeks has been great. I have learned quite a lot and continue to learn more each and every day. I’m learning how to use Prophet, how to insert and edit audio to go into Prophet while also becoming acquainted with Music Master and Social media is a [...]

Jumping In With Schein on Sports Intern Steve

Steven Macri

During my past year of school, several of my fellow classmates had the opportunity to intern at SiriusXM. Every day my friends would tell me about their great experiences and the knowledge they gained from their internships. I also had the opportunity to take a class taught by a SiriusXM executive, and he explained to [...]

First Month With Jazz Programming Intern Isaac


I am greatly enjoying this SiriusXM summer internship! Within the first week, I was able to meet so many great people who have accomplished very much in there various careers, some who work here at SiriusXM , and some who do not. I am currently working with the jazz programming department, which involves many different [...]

First Month With OutQ Intern Ashley

Ashley OutQ

These past weeks interning on The Derek and Romaine Show on OutQ Radio have been such an incredible experience. I’ve learned so much in such a short time. When I first interviewed with Katie, head producer of the show, she made it clear that this isn’t be the type of internship where you’ll just be getting [...]

Second Time’s the Charm for ’80s on 8 Intern Sean

Sean 80s on 8

This is my second internship with SiriusXM in the music programming department, and I am so glad I chose to come back. I have worked with so many great people on multiple channels beyond my role at ’80s on 8. This job isn’t like the stereotypical internships you hear about. While interning at SiriusXM, I [...]

Learning Fast With OutQ Intern Michelle

Michelle OutQ

I’m interning with The Derek and Romaine Show on OutQ Radio. When I first started, I was really nervous. But once the first day was over and I realized how friendly and welcoming everyone at OutQ and all of SiriusXM is, I knew this internship was going to be a great experience. Even in just [...]

Exploring SiriusXM With PR Intern Raquel


I didn’t really know what I signed up for when I accepted SiriusXM’s offer to be a public relations intern. In my head, I imagined staying in an office all day writing press releases about mundane topics and hoping it would create some buzz on the newswire. In reality, my experience has been much more [...]