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Halfway Through With Finance Intern Victor

Victor Hyunh

As soon as I found out I got a finance internship at SiriusXM, I was ecstatic. With this opportunity, I could learn about the company and gain exposure to its operations. My internship is catered more toward the advertising and sales department, and this exposure manifested itself through the various tasks my mentors have entrusted [...]

Jordan’s Finance Internship Is More Than Just Excel


On my first day at SiriusXM, I was not too sure what my day-to-day tasks would entail.  I knew my mentor specialized in call centers, but I still was not quite too sure what that meant. As a finance intern here at SiriusXM, I have learned much more than I expected.  On a daily basis [...]

Learning The Ropes with Finance Intern Liqi


I’ve been an intern at SiriusXM for three weeks now. It’s been an exciting and scary experience. The first week was more scary than exciting. I didn’t know where to go, who to talk to or what to do but when I meet my mentors everything came together. My computer was set up, my phone [...]

Final Thoughts with Finance Intern Andrew

So the end has quickly snuck up on me. It feels like I just got started but here I am on my last full day at SiriusXM. Where do I begin summing up the experience!? I have so many good things to say about this place and the people I’ve gotten to know. Not only [...]

Final Thoughts with Finance Intern Caroline

These past 9 weeks have been so incredibly rewarding and I truly feel like my experience as an intern at SiriusXM has been instrumental in preparing me for a job in corporate finance. After the first couple of weeks, I was able to familiarize myself with the company’s terminology and substructure. Soon enough, I was [...]

First Half with Finance Intern Sophia

I can’t believe that I have finished almost half of my internship in the Finance department of SiriusXM Radio. This experience is invaluable and totally different from what I have ever experienced. I still remember on the first day, Kristen, one of my supervisors, told me to tell her if I ever get bored on [...]

First Week with Corporate Finance Intern Caroline

I cannot believe how quickly two weeks have gone by. I remember walking into the office at Eckington Place, completely overwhelmed by the Company’s exterior. As soon as I walked in, I saw the other interns by the reception desk. It helped calm my nerves a little, knowing that there were several others like me. [...]

First Week with Finance Intern Andrew

My supervisors, Jennifer and Mona, wasted no time in getting me started here at SiriusXM. Right away on day one, I was engaged in the evaluation of a contract between SiriusXM and a mail service provider. I’ll admit, this was much different from anything I’d learned in the classroom at Penn State and it proved [...]

First Week with Finance Intern Emily

My first week at SiriusXM reminded me of my first week of college. I could not wait to meet all the other interns, my mentor, and, of course, Ross (the Boss). It is always interesting to get to know people with such different passions from that of my own. I was surprised to see that [...]