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Jumping In With Broadcast Engineer Intern Chealsea


After spending the past year studying in Valencia, Spain, where aside from working to complete my Masters degree, life revolved around siestas and festivals, it has been such a joy to return to the fast-paced lifestyle of NYC. Interning as a broadcast engineer at SiriusXM has allowed me to take advantage of skills that I’ve gained through different experiences and [...]

First Month With Raw Dog Comedy Intern Brad


During my first month as an intern at SiriusXM radio, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed coming into the studios and getting down to work each day I’ve been here.  As the motto goes, you truly do get valuable experience and not just coffee while your interning here at SiriusXM.  The aspect that [...]

Sports Programming Intern Nazanin Records An MLB Update!

Sports Programming Intern NAz has been having an amazing time thus far at SiriusXM in DC. She comes to the weekly recordings of For Credit Only and she has been kept very busy in the sports department. Listen to Naz record her first MLB Update for SiriusXM! Naz’s MLB Update!

Midterm Thoughts with Talk Programming Intern Afriyie

I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the semester and I’ve seen and accomplished so much! As an intern in Talk Programming department for comedy, there’s never a day where I don’t have something to do. My daily routines consist of loading CDs and call screening that help me learn about different aspects of comedy. [...]

Final Journal with The Derek and Romaine Show Intern Chanel

I can’t believe the end is near! It seems like I just started working at SiriusXM yesterday! How fast did the months go by? Well let me just say this… I had a phenomenal time working at The Derek and Romaine Show. I was apprehensive at first because I didn’t know much about them or [...]

Intern Charles Aircheck

A couple weeks ago, some of the other interns and I were learning how to operate the board and record voice tracks. My mentor Kory presented us with a project that incorporated the two in a fun way. We each had to record an hour long radio show based on our hometown and it had [...]

Life As A Music Programming Operations Intern

It’s just the beginning of the internship and it’s been an exciting time so far. Everyone is really nice, welcoming, and made me feel comfortable. I thought the first day or so would be dedicated to filling out paperwork but it wasn’t that at all. I got to shadow an employee load voice tracks into [...]

Journal: Broadcast Operations Intern Ben

My first month at SiriusXM has been full of knowledge, joy, new experiences, and even love (I’ve fallen for the Dalet system). As a huge SiriusXM fan and someone who wants to be involved with radio professionally, I was eager to learn the inner workings of this corporation. I don’t think I’ve ever absorbed so [...]