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Final Thoughts With HR Intern Caitlin

Caitlin Murray

I still can’t come to terms with the fact that I am almost through with my internship here at SiriusXM. As the Human Resources intern, busy is an understatement for my regular day. From organizing the information of this current group of about 150 interns to helping with recruitment for the fall, each day brings [...]

Halfway Through With EDM Intern Sara

Sara Holland

My time at SiriusXM has been such a learning experience, not just about what goes on here but about myself!  I’ve learned how music programming works, I’ve learned to love the genre of music I work in, and I’ve learned that this is absolutely what I want to do after I graduate.  I didn’t expect [...]

Final Thoughts With Mad Dog Radio Intern Brett

Brett Johnson

With the completion of my internship this past week, I finished yet another tremendous summer at SiriusXM. As a college student, I cannot begin to describe how much this experience has accelerated my professional and academic goals. I learned countless lessons; tools that I will be able to bring back to Penn State for my [...]

Midway Point With Off the Dribble Intern Joseph

Joseph Weil

The past two months have been everything I hoped for and more.  As a broadcast major at Boston University, I have gotten some experience working on our college radio station, but my dream work experience is to work on sports talk show. After interning at SiriusXM this summer, I now know what that experience is like.  I [...]

Final Thoughts With Joe Madison Intern Carissa


I can’t believe my internship with The Joe Madison Show on SiriusXM Urban View has come to a close! Being here made the summer go by so fast. I’ve learned so much in my time working with the staff and I was very fortunate to get to be an intern with them because they were all really [...]

Preseason With NFL Radio Intern John

John Sedor

It is hard to believe that there is only a month left of my internship at SiriusXM NFL Radio. It has been and unbelievable experience and I have learned so much. I can’t wait to get back to school and implement my new skills on WTBU, Boston University’s radio station. The biggest thing I have [...]

Halfway Through With NFL Radio Intern Kenneth

Kenneth Ducey

It seems like I’ve only been working at SiriusXM NFL Radio for a few weeks, so it’s hard to believe it’s been two months. I’ve met some great people along the way and have already learned and done more than I expected coming in. In addition to interning with NFL Radio, I’ve spent time working [...]

Halfway Through With Busted Open Intern Mary

Mary Busted Open

We are in the home stretch of the internship and I really can’t believe that it is almost done. The summer and the past two months have gone by in a flash, but I have learned more in the last two months than probably my whole life. Working for Busted Open on Sports Zone has been [...]

Midway Point With Schein on Sports Intern Steve

Steven Macri

Working with the Schein on Sports crew on SiriusXM NFL Radio continues to exceed my expectations. Being with the members of the show five days a week has allowed me to feel like a member of the team and take in as much advice as possible. Working with Nick and Jared has been a great [...]

Learning Outside the Classroom With OutQ News Intern Tatiana

Tatiana Journal 2

I can’t believe the summer is already more than halfway over.  As stated previously, this internship experience has been a blast.  My writing and on-air delivery skills have improved even more than I thought they had when I wrote my first journal entry.  It has been great working with Xorje and, I’m already dreading my [...]