Talib Babb’s SiriusXM Internship Experience

As my time winds down at SiriusXM, I must say that this internship was a very enjoyable experience. During the semester, I was able to gain so much experience in the radio industry. Working with the Fantasy Nation channel gave me an inside look at how good radio is produced. 

The most important skills I learned as an intern was board operating. The first day I walked into the studio and saw the control board was intimidating. I didn’t understand how anybody could learn all the buttons on it. However, I was surrounded by knowledgeable professionals who taught me step-by-step how the board works. After they taught me and walked me through the procedures, I was able to sit at the board by myself and just practice until I became comfortable operating the board by myself. 

Now I’m able to do so and I’m glad that the producers in the Fantasy Nation channel were able to help me so much with that.

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