Final Thoughts from SiriusXM HR Intern Samantha Studley

It’s hard to believe that my internship at SiriusXM is half way over. The time has flown while I was here and I have learned an incredible amount. My mentor Bonnie has guided me through the process and taught me so many valuable skills that I will not only use in my career but throughout life as well. I have also met a lot of people who have shared with me their experiences and gave me new knowledge and ideas that has and will continue to help me throughout my career. I have gained firsthand experience in all aspects of the recruitment process for candidates and am grateful that I did not only get to see the process but I am also an active part of it. I have been able to review resumes and select candidates to prescreen and go through the recruitment process with for an internship here at SiriusXM. It’s been very rewarding to be able to apply what I have learned and see the results of my own efforts.  I have also been given the opportunity to shadow different individuals in the Human Resources department here at SiriusXM and they have all taught me different skills and knowledge not only about human resources but about the company as a whole. All of these things and just the general atmosphere and environment of SiriusXM has given me a great experience and will have me missing the internship when it ends!

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