Alex Haveson’s SiriusXM Sales Operation Intern Experience

Over the past two months my experience as a sales operations intern for SiriusXM is going exceptionally well. It’s crazy to think in just a short amount of time here I’ve learned so much. Looking back at my first day as an intern, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, now as I’ve grown more accustomed to the daily routines and projects, I am feeling more confident. The only adjustment I had to make recently was the building change in 5 Penn Plaza. The department I was in relocated and we’re now in a totally new building at 1290 Avenue of Americas. Aside, from this my experience has been very rewarding. I’m very grateful to my mentor Claire who has been very helpful guiding me through tasks as well as teaching the sales side of the business.

I would say overall my assignments that I’ve been given have been very valuable. Over the past month I’ve done a good amount of vendor reporting. My job entails reading all the different weekly inbound and outbound reports that our vendors have given us. I then put that data from weeks February to March onto a spreadsheet to make a monthly report. As, I commute the data, I am starting to figure out major forecasts trends associated with these vendors. Besides this, I’ve been working on other big projects. Recently, some of our vendors seem to prefer using erooms, which is a new method of file sharing. My job is to research and demonstrate to my department how to successfully use erooms. Based on what I’ve learned erooms is a very easy and useful file sharing tool. Overall, the analytical work I’ve been doing is rewarding because I can benefit from what I learned and apply it to real life business situations.      

Having said all this my time here at SiriusXM has been fantastic. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of the company and be aside so many bright individuals. With only a month left, I hope to take on more challenging tasks as well as get a chance to visit a vendor. There is still a lot to learn in the last weeks to come and can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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