Samantha Studley, Human Resources Intern

It’s unbelievable how fast this internship has gone already.  I’ve experienced a lot in a short amount of time, things that seem like they should have happened over the span of a year, but instead happened in a little over a month.  I am currently a Human Resources Intern at SiriusXM.  My mentor Bonnie has been nothing short of amazing and has helped me get to know as much as possible the ins and outs of the company by giving me opportunities to learn that SiriusXM is not only a satellite radio station but it is at the core of the music and entertainment industry.  Although I am in HR, I have had the experience of sitting in on live talk radio shows and seeing how these areas of the company operate.  This helps me better understand the recruitment needs for these positions because I am familiar with the atmosphere and content of the show.  I’m also beginning to help Bonnie with the recruitment process for summer interns, which has just recently begun and with such a large internship program here at SiriusXM this is a task me and Bonnie will be taking on together. I am excited to start the recruitment process and be a part of bringing in the diverse and unique talent pool that SiriusXM consistently attracts. I am very happy being able to contribute to such a successful company and look forward to what will happen as this internship progresses!

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