Yehonatan Pollak, SiriusXM Intern for the NBA Channel

It’s hard to believe a month has already gone by at my internship with SiriusXM NBA Radio. It has already been an unbelievable experience and one that I am looking forward to continuing throughout the next few months.

Being with the NBA programming, even for only a month, has taught me so many things. Though they are a relatively new station at SiriusXM, the producers and board operators have been an outstanding help in teaching me the ropes, even while they try and learn as well. My mentors have been outstanding role models and have already taught me a tremendous amount. I already feel like I am a professional at screening phone calls, editing bits, and uploading pieces onto the Internet.

 The hosts have also been very friendly and willing to teach whenever asked questions. Whether it’s talking about the NBA itself or asking about their previous experiences within the industry, their knowledge has already helped me and I plan on taking advantages of having such experienced people at SiriusXM.

It’s already been a great ride, and it’s great knowing that I still have plenty more time to learn and grow at SiriusXM.

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