Sandra Gagliardy’s Spring 2014 Internship Experience for the Stars Channel

I have been interning with the Stars channel under Holly Palmieri and Tanya Bustos. In the beginning I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect, but they have both been very good at making me feel comfortable. From my own perspective, and from what they have told me, I’m doing well. In the beginning I would sit in on the morning show I was assigned. For the first few days I observed. I was taught how to use soundcloud, adobe audition, and do the daily wrap. After the first week I was screening calls and learning the operating board. At first I wasn’t comfortable call screening, and sometimes I would get discouraged. After doing it a few times on my own I became comfortable call screening, and I also sat in on two other shows to observe and call screen. I saw how certain shows operated differently, and how producers operate differently with different hosts, new and experienced. Around the second week I was posting to soundcloud on my own and doing the daily wrap. It was also around that time that I began learning how to do thirty second to sixty second show promos for the stars channel.

 I have learned about call screening, I learned how to edit and what each promo for a show should sound like and what should go into it. I’m feeling very good about everything that I am learning, I feel the work environment is very friendly and helpful. If I ever have any questions, there is always someone there to answer them. If I’m ever having trouble someone will always take the time to help me and explain everything as thoroughly as possible.

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