How to become a professional essay writer

Students, especially beginners, are often concerned about their written tasks very much. They know that written assignments are related to a portion of stress, the cause of which is in most cases lack of skills and experience and inability to work within short periods of time. In reality, there are several tips, which could help any students become A+ essay writer and avoid any kind of stress or unpleasant experiences and results.

3 steps to better writing

First of all the meaning of research could not be underestimated. Logically research should be done before starting to do the written part. Finding the appropriate sources, gathering of the needed books and journals, primary sources and quotes, looking for information online are all the activities included into this stage. Important is to note that information collecting should be started as soon as the task was received, so that there is plenty of time for the process. Thesis is the central idea of your writing and thus it should be clearly and precisely formulated. It is needed for the reader to perceive the key ideas of your writing and for the writer to organize his paper in the correct way. It is not easy to formulate the thesis, sometimes it is necessary to focus upon your individual interests for additional motivation.

Making an outline is a perfect strategy for organization of any written work. Even if your instructor does not demand this from you, you’d better devote some time and effort to creating a detailed outline. Especially it is important for long assignments, but sometimes it is crucial for shorts ones as well. Adhere your writing to the general structure of introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, this logical order or written essay parts would contribute to correct organization of the paper. Revising of your written task is the last, but not the least important step.

These easy steps will help you to become a better writer. If you need more information regarding essay writing plese refer to these top 8 writing sites:

Final Thoughts from SiriusXM HR Intern Samantha Studley

It’s hard to believe that my internship at SiriusXM is half way over. The time has flown while I was here and I have learned an incredible amount. My mentor Bonnie has guided me through the process and taught me so many valuable skills that I will not only use in my career but throughout life as well. I have also met a lot of people who have shared with me their experiences and gave me new knowledge and ideas that has and will continue to help me throughout my career. I have gained firsthand experience in all aspects of the recruitment process for candidates and am grateful that I did not only get to see the process but I am also an active part of it. I have been able to review resumes and select candidates to prescreen and go through the recruitment process with for an internship here at SiriusXM. It’s been very rewarding to be able to apply what I have learned and see the results of my own efforts.  I have also been given the opportunity to shadow different individuals in the Human Resources department here at SiriusXM and they have all taught me different skills and knowledge not only about human resources but about the company as a whole. All of these things and just the general atmosphere and environment of SiriusXM has given me a great experience and will have me missing the internship when it ends!

Talib Babb’s SiriusXM Internship Experience

As my time winds down at SiriusXM, I must say that this internship was a very enjoyable experience. During the semester, I was able to gain so much experience in the radio industry. Working with the Fantasy Nation channel gave me an inside look at how good radio is produced. 

The most important skills I learned as an intern was board operating. The first day I walked into the studio and saw the control board was intimidating. I didn’t understand how anybody could learn all the buttons on it. However, I was surrounded by knowledgeable professionals who taught me step-by-step how the board works. After they taught me and walked me through the procedures, I was able to sit at the board by myself and just practice until I became comfortable operating the board by myself. 

Now I’m able to do so and I’m glad that the producers in the Fantasy Nation channel were able to help me so much with that.

Final Thoughts from HR Intern Alycia Witherspoon

This has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a company.  My time at SiriusXM has gone by so fast and in that time, I’ve been able to learn a lot. Although I’ve had previous internships in the HR field, I was able to gain so much more experience at SiriusXM. I assisted in coordinating our Intern Radio Show. I was able to prescreen candidates for our internship program and develop strategic ideas for our social media platforms.  My mentor allowed me to have a bigger role than just an intern. She has given me the necessary tools needed to be successful in HR.  I really enjoyed working at SiriusXM. I have worked with some amazing people and learned so much from this experience. I’m so glad that I was able to partake in working with a company like SiriusXM.

Final Thoughts with Music Programming Intern Abby Reutzel

Hard to believe that the spring semester at SiriusXM is almost done. This was my second semester interning at SiriusXM and I can honestly say it has been one of the best experiences of my entire life. I have learned so much and met some really amazing people. 

This semester I took on a lot of new roles as compared to my fall internship and so it’s been a really busy, but rewarding time. I continued on as the 90s on 9 and Pop2K intern, but I also became the intern for The Pulse’s morning show. Being a morning show intern has meant that I need to get up quite early every day, which I thought would be really hard, but has turned out to be not so bad after all. I also intern twice a week in Fantasy Sports which is a ton of fun. It’s my first experience outside of music programming and in a talk radio format. I also shadowed in production once or twice this semester in order to gain some extra experience.

I think the best advice I can give to a SiriusXM intern is to always ask questions and to look for opportunities to learn new things. I was so fortunate to be able to move around departments and stations because it allowed me to learn the different ways tasks are completed and the differences between formats. 

This has been an unforgettable semester and I hope someday I can return to SiriusXM.

Alex Haveson’s SiriusXM Sales Operation Intern Experience

Over the past two months my experience as a sales operations intern for SiriusXM is going exceptionally well. It’s crazy to think in just a short amount of time here I’ve learned so much. Looking back at my first day as an intern, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, now as I’ve grown more accustomed to the daily routines and projects, I am feeling more confident. The only adjustment I had to make recently was the building change in 5 Penn Plaza. The department I was in relocated and we’re now in a totally new building at 1290 Avenue of Americas. Aside, from this my experience has been very rewarding. I’m very grateful to my mentor Claire who has been very helpful guiding me through tasks as well as teaching the sales side of the business.

I would say overall my assignments that I’ve been given have been very valuable. Over the past month I’ve done a good amount of vendor reporting. My job entails reading all the different weekly inbound and outbound reports that our vendors have given us. I then put that data from weeks February to March onto a spreadsheet to make a monthly report. As, I commute the data, I am starting to figure out major forecasts trends associated with these vendors. Besides this, I’ve been working on other big projects. Recently, some of our vendors seem to prefer using erooms, which is a new method of file sharing. My job is to research and demonstrate to my department how to successfully use erooms. Based on what I’ve learned erooms is a very easy and useful file sharing tool. Overall, the analytical work I’ve been doing is rewarding because I can benefit from what I learned and apply it to real life business situations.      

Having said all this my time here at SiriusXM has been fantastic. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of the company and be aside so many bright individuals. With only a month left, I hope to take on more challenging tasks as well as get a chance to visit a vendor. There is still a lot to learn in the last weeks to come and can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Daniel Horowitz, SiriusXM Information Technology Intern

It’s already April and my time here at Sirius XM is coming to a close. My time as a program management office intern was an incredible experience to say the least. I feel like I have come so far and learned so much in such a short period of time. I met so many people who were willing to answer my questions and help me out, which made me feel good. I remember my first few weeks here I was so confused and shy. Now that I have become comfortable and learned how everything works I am much more confident in myself. Besides learning how the PMO works I have improved my communication skills, time management skills, and organizational skills. I am extremely grateful to say the least that I got a chance to have this “real word experience”, and set myself up for the future. In my opinion, everyone should have an opportunity like this. I cannot say enough good things about my experience here at Sirius XM. Coming here three times a week was something that I looked forward to and knew I was going to learn something every day. Working for Amanda made the experience even better I have to say. When I would have questions she would always be willing to help me even if she was busy doing her own work. In addition, she cared about what I wanted to learn and wanted to be sure that my experience here was a positive one. I have to say I’m a little sad that in a few weeks this internship will be coming to an end, but I’m leaving with knowledge that I surely couldn’t have come from a textbook.

Samantha Studley, Human Resources Intern

It’s unbelievable how fast this internship has gone already.  I’ve experienced a lot in a short amount of time, things that seem like they should have happened over the span of a year, but instead happened in a little over a month.  I am currently a Human Resources Intern at SiriusXM.  My mentor Bonnie has been nothing short of amazing and has helped me get to know as much as possible the ins and outs of the company by giving me opportunities to learn that SiriusXM is not only a satellite radio station but it is at the core of the music and entertainment industry.  Although I am in HR, I have had the experience of sitting in on live talk radio shows and seeing how these areas of the company operate.  This helps me better understand the recruitment needs for these positions because I am familiar with the atmosphere and content of the show.  I’m also beginning to help Bonnie with the recruitment process for summer interns, which has just recently begun and with such a large internship program here at SiriusXM this is a task me and Bonnie will be taking on together. I am excited to start the recruitment process and be a part of bringing in the diverse and unique talent pool that SiriusXM consistently attracts. I am very happy being able to contribute to such a successful company and look forward to what will happen as this internship progresses!

Sandra Gagliardy’s Spring 2014 Internship Experience for the Stars Channel

I have been interning with the Stars channel under Holly Palmieri and Tanya Bustos. In the beginning I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect, but they have both been very good at making me feel comfortable. From my own perspective, and from what they have told me, I’m doing well. In the beginning I would sit in on the morning show I was assigned. For the first few days I observed. I was taught how to use soundcloud, adobe audition, and do the daily wrap. After the first week I was screening calls and learning the operating board. At first I wasn’t comfortable call screening, and sometimes I would get discouraged. After doing it a few times on my own I became comfortable call screening, and I also sat in on two other shows to observe and call screen. I saw how certain shows operated differently, and how producers operate differently with different hosts, new and experienced. Around the second week I was posting to soundcloud on my own and doing the daily wrap. It was also around that time that I began learning how to do thirty second to sixty second show promos for the stars channel.

 I have learned about call screening, I learned how to edit and what each promo for a show should sound like and what should go into it. I’m feeling very good about everything that I am learning, I feel the work environment is very friendly and helpful. If I ever have any questions, there is always someone there to answer them. If I’m ever having trouble someone will always take the time to help me and explain everything as thoroughly as possible.

Tyesha Lespinasse, SiriusXM Intern for the Catholic Channel

This was my first internship ever and I didn’t know what to expect. However, I went in there with open arms and an open mind on the whole experience. I could honestly say that I have learned a lot within the last month that I couldn’t imagine learning. I found it very satisfying hearing the promos I have worked on air and hearing the stories I pitched being conversation starters between the host and callers. It is a motivating experience because it makes me want to work harder so I can have the opportunity to hear the things I worked on being heard on air. I would highly recommend that if anyone is interested in doing an internship for a radio station, go for it!  It is a humbling experience and I am learning a lot from it. You can learn so much and it will help you out in the long run. Don’t take internships for granted!

Yehonatan Pollak, SiriusXM Intern for the NBA Channel

It’s hard to believe a month has already gone by at my internship with SiriusXM NBA Radio. It has already been an unbelievable experience and one that I am looking forward to continuing throughout the next few months.

Being with the NBA programming, even for only a month, has taught me so many things. Though they are a relatively new station at SiriusXM, the producers and board operators have been an outstanding help in teaching me the ropes, even while they try and learn as well. My mentors have been outstanding role models and have already taught me a tremendous amount. I already feel like I am a professional at screening phone calls, editing bits, and uploading pieces onto the Internet.

 The hosts have also been very friendly and willing to teach whenever asked questions. Whether it’s talking about the NBA itself or asking about their previous experiences within the industry, their knowledge has already helped me and I plan on taking advantages of having such experienced people at SiriusXM.

It’s already been a great ride, and it’s great knowing that I still have plenty more time to learn and grow at SiriusXM.